Younger Argent ➵ Stilinski

Younger Argent ➵ Stilinski

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Taylah Jasmyne By izzytay Updated Feb 06, 2016

Maria Argent, that last name sounds very familiar now doesn't it? 

Well you guessed right, she is Allison Argent's little sister, a seventeen year old who lost her sister, but was shipped away to live and be trained by the Calavera's and not live in the supernatural town of Beacon Hills with her family, not like Mexico had their fair share of supernatural beings. After her sister died she wished now more than ever to meet her friends and move to Beacon Hills, but she was too busy stopping her Aunt Kate Argent killing people, that was until Scott and his pack came to Mexico looking for their friend she finds her chance to join the pack and travel to Beacon Hills.

Will Maria find what she is looking for in Beacon Hills? Peace? Love? Answers? Friends?

Find out in Younger Argent

{Season 4}

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-daddyss -daddyss Feb 28, 2016
my theory is her father is Derek and her mother is Kate and Allison is her cousin not her sister