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♥♥Steven Universe One Shots ♥♥

♥♥Steven Universe One Shots ♥♥

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3.14 in apple form By Applepie314 Updated Apr 11

I'm not the best at one shots. Sorry if I suck! Ill take requests!  Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar.

Sa55ygirl Sa55ygirl Oct 17, 2016
lemons (there are no good su lemons like blehh i want a good lemon)
Baphomete Baphomete Apr 11, 2016
Yellow Diamond X Jasper? Idk mang maybe YD kinda hits on Jasper a bit or something and Jasper tries to ignore and seem oblivious. I wanna write one of my own but I need help or a reference so pLS AA
Sufanforlife Sufanforlife Apr 10, 2016
Thanks! And whatever works! I'm sure it will be great, I really enjoy your writing! ^^
BillyJoe7 BillyJoe7 Nov 19, 2016
Steven x Male reader
                              Reader is a human gem experiment that gets a gem implanted in them
CurleyCue17 CurleyCue17 Dec 24, 2016
Could you maybe do a Sour Cream X Reader? Maybe reader is really into musicals and they just share their love for music?
JunkratFawkes JunkratFawkes Nov 19, 2016
Ruby and sapphire? And only if you want, A small dose of Ab/dl? I'm not good at plots