My Gratsu One Shots/Short Stories~

My Gratsu One Shots/Short Stories~

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(。・ω・。)ノ♡ By AOTKawaiiFangirl Completed

This book will have one shots, two shots, short stories or anything I can write and they'll all be about Gratsu! 

But that's not all! I may occasionally put other ships I love from FT...

So, I hope you'll enjoy it and thanks for following me and voting for my story! 

Have fun!!

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the sexiest group ever since zeref probably wont participate.
is that supposed to be zeref? because if so yay i love zeref he is so hot sorry fangirl moment
lol i forgot what gomen nasai means and so i googled it, and i accidentally searched gomenasai which means TAKE RICE and i was like wtf natsu
you do realize that edolas natsu is named natsu dragion right?
we don't even know if HE is a male or female either. wow no wonder natsu is considered a genous at your school.
if two people on opposite sides of earth both drop a piece of bread at the same time, the earth briefly becomes a sandwich.