Laws of the sea (Natsu X Reader)

Laws of the sea (Natsu X Reader)

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♔јʋѕтiиє♔ By _juicyart Updated Dec 18, 2016

Published: October 19 - 2015
Ended: ______________


WARNING: Very slow updates!

sweetSugar543 sweetSugar543 Oct 11, 2016
                              DARLING ITS BETTER 
                              DOWN WERE ITS WETTER TAKE IT FROM ME!
                              Did that just sound....
Bunnygirl413 Bunnygirl413 Dec 09, 2016
This reminds me of me and my friends XD
                              We go to rival schools and everyone calls whoever goes to the other school something horrible while me and her hang out constantly XD
Skinless12 Skinless12 Feb 28, 2016
this is awesome and everything buuuuut I don't give a two shits about the B-Day party.
Zombiechick777 Zombiechick777 5 days ago
In my mind: ………I wonder which Yaoi should I read nexy……
CaitlynStill0 CaitlynStill0 Sep 07, 2016
It kinda but only a little sound like the lion king 2 and then to kiras first hunt
TrixieWings TrixieWings Oct 11, 2016
Lol the pages will just tear easily and the ink would smudge since their underwater but whatever, maybe they can be magical or something.