Fairy tail Lemons // Fairy tail Fanfiction

Fairy tail Lemons // Fairy tail Fanfiction

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FAIRY TAIL c: By Luce_321 Updated Oct 19, 2015

GaLe - Redemption

Gajeel, the Iron Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail, formerly from Phantom Lord, wasn't the easiest person to get along with, he didn't like having casual conversations with his fellow guild-mates and wasn't the type to making friends, and this ideology was further enhanced by the guild being edgy around him, especially when he committed nasty atrocities against the guild once upon a time. But Gajeel was okay with that, as long as people didn't get in his way and he went about his own business undisturbed, there would be no friction between him and his new guild-mates.

However, after a few months of residing in his new guild, Gajeel noticed he has gained a certain admirer: none other than Levy McGarden, a small bookworm girl who likes to read and decipher runes; but now she has a new hobby, trying to become friends with Gajeel himself. The Iron Dragon didn't think much of this, he can let her try, but she won't succeed.

One day in the guild hall, Gajeel was drinking down ...

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