Look At Me

Look At Me

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Daine By EXOLSONES Completed

"All day, I get dolled up. I want to show you like the others, I know everything there is to know, I'm a woman too. Don't you know? Look at me now, look in my eyes. You can see clearly in front of you, The soft-hearted girl of the past. The childish girl. I'm not her anymore"

It's good to be back. After studying on how to handle our company in the States, I finally came back. Everything was under my control util I met him. I hated him. I wanted to hate him but I can't. Day's passed and I can feel warmth and belonging when I'm with him.

But I can't love him anymore, even if he finally learns to love me.

"It's not easy to stay with someone you love, but sometimes it's harder to give up and walk away"

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Yura/ Kim Ahyoung as Nathalia Kim
Hong Jonghyun as Flint Hong
Lee Soohyuk as Xavier Lee

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