He's Your DAD?!?! (Eren x Corporal Daughter! Reader) #Wattys2016

He's Your DAD?!?! (Eren x Corporal Daughter! Reader) #Wattys2016

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I'm My moms child. By AimeeJager87 Updated Nov 27

(Y/n) Ackerman. Daughter of humanities strongest. Since her dad fell in love, you expect her to fall in love too?
Levi will do anything to keep anyone from hurting his little girl.

After the wall fell, Yn's house got destroyed but with her mother in it. Escaping before a titan got her, she made it safely to the boats and will have revenge on the titan for killing her mother and possibly her father too. Joining the trannies squad, Shadis knew that when the 'teen's signed up that Levi's daughter will be here so training her shouldn't be a problem. Well that's a lie for everyone else. Since being the prettiest girl in the squad, training the boys will be hard. One certain boy had caught her eye vise versa. Will they get to know each other?
OR will Windex come and ruin there chance?!

Maybe different from show

kl61kk kl61kk Sep 20
… my parents still haven't told me they banged… I am old enough…
Who is literally ten yours old.....
                              Don't look at me like that...
Nah. I totally thought he banged the dog and POOF. I was born
RavenRenn RavenRenn Oct 05
Parenting 101 with Levi. This episode...!  Explaining babies!  "I banged your mom."
100th comment! Aslo, I lost it at 'My dad banged my mom and 9 months later.....I WAS BORN!'
Angels_101 Angels_101 Jun 30
Well levi isn't afraid lying lol.....or maybe he didn't want explain