From Me To You

From Me To You

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Nhiko By MissChocoholicc Updated Oct 13

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A mystical book filled with assorted topics ranging from rants, short stories & occasionally the adventures of Nhikaela. Everything within is dedicated to my Owari no Seraph babes, fangirls & even curious cats who are interested in getting to know me better. But please note that this book has been published privately, meaning that only my followers can read due to highly personal reasons.

Honestly I love you fine lass's so much, Wattpad would've been less dazzling without you //let's assume you know who you are aiight

May the fangirling commence & our friendship continue to blossom for this is my gift, From Me To You.

                              I just realised that this book's name in romaji would be...
                              Kimi ni Todoke
                              *stares at author-senpai*
THAT MEDIA IS ME HOW DID YOU CLICK A PICTURE OF ME-oh wait I think that's all otaku fangirls 0-0
i can literally relate to all of these, especially #7, #8 ;) , #18, #19-24
I've always wanted to read tarot cards *^* Astrology stuff really is cool :D
Slow paced walkers drive me nuts too O ^ O they stand there moving at snails pace and the moment I butt in front of them they curse me out -.- like excuse meh
I love food more than my boyfriend because unlike him, I can't live without food.