Tea Done Differently

Tea Done Differently

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Nhiko By SassyDumpling Updated Jan 10

❝Fuck me Mika sideways.❞

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An enchanting journal filled with assorted subjects ranging from rants, photography & occasionally the adventures of Nhikaela.

May the tea begin to brew & our friendship to blossom for this is my gift from me to you.

                              I was born on the 16th of August so I'm a forever Leo~
greyglows greyglows Mar 20
So you're basically my long lost twin sister. Pleasure to meet you
I live to see Guren-sama become a reality and become my husband~
Raindroplet19 Raindroplet19 Jul 11, 2016
                              I just realised that this book's name in romaji would be...
                              Kimi ni Todoke
                              *stares at author-senpai*
Raindroplet19 Raindroplet19 Jul 11, 2016
THAT MEDIA IS ME HOW DID YOU CLICK A PICTURE OF ME-oh wait I think that's all otaku fangirls 0-0
mikaelathevampire mikaelathevampire Jul 01, 2016
i can literally relate to all of these, especially #7, #8 ;) , #18, #19-24