Tea( Alucard X Reader)

Tea( Alucard X Reader)

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Momo By Wryyyyyy Completed

Most jokes and stuff will belong to TakaHata101/ TeamFourStar !! 
This is an adbridge inspired FanFic !  
 (゚∀゚≡゚∀゚)  Special Chapters = Lemon ! 


95% will make no sense while 5% will actually be for the plot !

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RubyOrchid RubyOrchid Jun 29, 2017
"I'm sorry, I like to dirty talk while someone's SUCKING MY DICK."
misa9984 misa9984 Mar 27, 2017
All I know in Romanian is draca- mea is my darling and Regina- mea is my queen
*looks down at boobs* oh wait never mind I’m flat as a board I don’t have any boobs
Gotdamnit alucard.
                              For a slick second I almsot forgot this was the team four star then this poped up and it was instant "yep. Definetly alucard."
GrlGone_AWOL GrlGone_AWOL Feb 09, 2016
Author-chan, let me voice what many of your readers are thinking 
AfromAbsolute AfromAbsolute Mar 10, 2016
It's ok. You wrote correct. Just two tiny mistakes, but I think it's from typing, "iubesc"*you changed a letter, but no big deal* and "draga mea". "Dragul meu" it's for men. I'm romanian, so, if you need help with translations, I'm here :>