Locked away  Patrick Stump

Locked away Patrick Stump

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Jordan By maybeitsjordan Completed

Ester is Tyler Joseph's little sister by two minutes. Tyler's band along with Esters and another 2 bands all go on tour together. Ester has social anxiety and locks herself away from everyone. 
Will she let everything she's been hiding out? Or will she always stay locked away

killjoy_hf killjoy_hf Dec 03, 2016
I have serious social anxiety, panic disorder, and clinical depression, so I totally understand.
Jillshellhounds Jillshellhounds 2 days ago
Hey. At least we know how to make boys next door out of ässholes.
My wadrobe is full or black, grey, blue, red and dark purple but mostly back
Mrs_Sherlock_potter Mrs_Sherlock_potter Oct 19, 2016
Same I own three red shirts and one blue shirt other then that all black
Spookyyyyy Spookyyyyy Nov 14, 2016
I just said me really loud and then laughed at how loud I said it. 😂
-beyond_the_gone- -beyond_the_gone- Nov 23, 2016
Ummmm.... I'm pretty sure P!ATD and FOB were not on the menu 😂😂