Locked away  Patrick Stump

Locked away Patrick Stump

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Ester is Tyler Joseph's little sister by two minutes. Tyler's band along with Esters and another 2 bands all go on tour together. Ester has social anxiety and locks herself away from everyone. 
Will she let everything she's been hiding out? Or will she always stay locked away

*flashbacks to brendon stripping at summer fest and almost removing his boxers*
I can't my phone in my front pockets because it has a pop socket and will fallour boy
I can't 
                              Most people would image him flying like superman or something
                              I pictured it as if he tucked his legs up to his chest and flapped his arms like a mad man
HeckingWay HeckingWay Aug 02
Monochrome or gtfo.....
                              Of my room I'm playing Minecraft
I once got so annoyed at a wattpad story (I dunno why), I smashed my phone on the concrete outside my house
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DANCcE DanCe we'Rre fAllINg APArt To HAlFTimE -Brendon in What a Catch, Donnie