Locked away  Patrick Stump

Locked away Patrick Stump

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Ester is Tyler Joseph's little sister by two minutes. Tyler's band along with Esters and another 2 bands all go on tour together. Ester has social anxiety and locks herself away from everyone. 
Will she let everything she's been hiding out? Or will she always stay locked away

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I deal with this shït too... it's really ruining my life i can't do anything or talk or leave the house
Where can I find these rare and magical jeans that have front pockets?
I'm 5 inches shorter then him....my mom says I stopped growing.....
i just did that with basketball tryouts. i hate being first at anything so i made my friend write her name first and then mine. and when every we did running drills i made sure at least 2 people were in front of me.
emo__nemo emo__nemo Jul 26
I have it too and kisses or hugs make me uncomfortable and my mom and grandma give me them anyway even though I have told them many times that I don't like it😒😒😒
That’s kinda like what I had my hair as. The lower half of my hair was purple while the upper half was my natural brown