Boy of fire - Prince of sweets                                                           (Flame Prince x reader x Prince Gumball)

Boy of fire - Prince of sweets (Flame Prince x reader x Prince Gumball)

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雨 騎士 By kittysoftpawsa Updated Aug 22, 2016

I absolutely 
Positively refuse to let him go!

That was all you could think before you did something to change your life 


Ehehe sooooooo I realized there are not a lot of Flame prince x reader and they weren't as nice as I want them to be so I was like 

no No NO this is not happening so you know what?

That's how I got the description 

I'm making my own XC flipping enjoy

I feel like I'm going through Flame Prince withdrawal

ColonRingle ColonRingle Jul 02
i have five nuggets, i eat 3, how much nuggets do i have now? hmmmmm...
BakaUsagi1423 BakaUsagi1423 Aug 21, 2016
Ironically i don't know how to swim..... And thus making me a bit scared of water
BITCH I AM WATER! I love cake but hate cats so its kinda an on off thing with her but mostly love tho~!!!!
PhantomCindy PhantomCindy Oct 30, 2016
But what about recess? (ºⅅº) *thats meant to be a weird smiley face
- - Jun 27, 2016
That's the only place of happiness in school.... NOW I'M MAD!! *Starts dancing while certain music plays in the background.
So I'm lapis lazuli? Wait on she's a gem. 
                              But she does have water powers tho...