SasuNaru: Age Doesn't Define Love

SasuNaru: Age Doesn't Define Love

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Chiyori Uzumaki By Chiyori_Uzumaki Updated Jul 06

So Naruto is still clueless and everything, but he skipped a few grades and is five years younger than everyone in Team 7. They have been missing a member for quite a while and the Hokage decided Naruto was the perfect replacement(Tsunade was drunk....)! Saske never left, wears the same thing, is as powerful, and gay for the cute Naruto! That's all you need to know!

(Everyone wears the same thing from Shippuden, except Naruto. Naruto is wearing his orange jumpsuit from the genin exams! <3)

Don't own shit.

Goddammit i thought the exact same thing the second time I read this XD
I need to take him home can I take him how. Is that allowed cause if it is I'm totally doing it
book_binder book_binder Jul 06
OMG, this is why Sai is my 8th bae (I have 15 in Naruto, ranked by favorites. My fav and #1 Bae is Tobi or Obito!!!)
                              Naru: Ok!
                              Sai: Yes sir
                              Sasu: Hn
                              Yamato: Yes
                              Saku: -Useless as ever-
IKR!!!!!!!!! *pincks naruto's cheeks* SOOOO CUUUUTTTTEEEE!!!!!!!
Though your comment was reported I applaud you for saying that