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Once Upon A Song (Niall Horan) *ON HOLD*

Once Upon A Song (Niall Horan) *ON HOLD*

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WhereTheStoryBegins By WhereTheStoryBegins Updated Sep 15, 2014

Skylar was a bit of a music dork. All she did was listen to music and she could play any instrument. Just give her any instrument and she could play it. Guitar, drums, piano, harp, you name it. At school she is known as the “Music Dork”. She has been wanting to set off a music career but so far she hasn’t. But she has been in a recording studio before. But its for her job... So one day her boss makes her stay more longer to clean everything and lock up the place. When she is alone she plays a song that she wrote on the guitar. But she doesn’t know that she wasn’t alone....   Niall just so happened to go back to the same studio that Skylar was at. He had forgotten something so he went back to go get it. He didn’t expect someone to be there though. He listens to the song and absolutely loves it. But he couldn’t see the girl playing the piano though. He only saw the back part of her. Her brown hair that flowed down her back and her slim figure. Thats all that he can see. Before Skylar can know that she is not alone Niall quickly leaves. He didn’t want her to know that he was watching her. Little did Skylar know that someone was listening. Niall is determined that he will find this girl. He would do anything to find her. Even if he has to go to everyones house just to find her.

okay so i'm not the only one who thought of camp rock 😂😂😂
Alexis_Joslyn Alexis_Joslyn Oct 23, 2015
This sounds amazing! I can't wait to read it! So excited to see what happens
Aria4009 Aria4009 Apr 19, 2015
It's like skylar is demi and Niall is joe in Camp rock ERMERGED!!!
_wonnieeee_ _wonnieeee_ Jan 12, 2015
Everyone here is like, this is camp rock. And I'm here like, I heard of camp rock before but never saw it.. Am I missing out of awesomeness?
nhoranislifee nhoranislifee Jun 22, 2014
Please write the prequel for everything has changed? I was sobbing last night... Please
707-Error 707-Error May 14, 2014
Why can't u write the third book, the prequel for Everything has changed???