My teacher or my boyfriend(student teacher love story)

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Lynak0120 By Lynak0120 Updated 2 years ago
High school's filled with many obstacles, from family, to our classes and our love life's. Eliza's love life takes a huge turn when she meets her new english teacher. A teacher with a troublesome past and links to her current boyfriend Chris or two years. A boyfriend madly in love with his best friend, a hot and mysterious english teacher, makes a very confused high school senior re-think her entire future.
I like the plot :) but I'd appreciate if you don't use slang. Keep up the heated moments lol :')
interesting idea, but since she's so in love with her boyfriend to begin with i'd feel bad for him when or if she dumps him for the new teacher(even if it's love at first sight)I believe in first come first serve unless the first guy leaves for legit reasons (not because the girl cheated)