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Goosebumps Slappy x reader

Goosebumps Slappy x reader

85.7K Reads 2.2K Votes 75 Part Story
Rachel-Chan By QueenofSkateboars003 Completed

Just a bunch of scenarios with you and the one and only Slappy the Dummy! Enjoy!!!
(btw if you've never seen the movie don't worry I won't spoil anything!)

- - Apr 02, 2016
I've seen the movie! I watched it a few days after it came out.
just_dont_ just_dont_ Sep 09, 2016
I ADORE puppets! I don't care if they're creepy, cute or other. When I saw Slappy I literally fell head over heels for him. (even for jigsaw, Annabelle, etc.......)
- - Apr 29, 2016
Say you should do a R. L. Stine x Reader book too (makes a face like the picture)