Avengers  preferences and imagines

Avengers preferences and imagines

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⠀ By cutiepiefangirl_ Updated Nov 27, 2017

Prefences of your favorite Avenger! 
Also includes
•Loki, Bucky and Pietro 
And also making one shots! 
•fluff, lemon, angst, comedy and many more themes ;)

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Master-Of-Sarcasm Master-Of-Sarcasm Apr 15, 2017
Uh uh, dont think about it, hun! You're gonna have to add some food into the deal before I say yes. Maybe a coupon to Olive Garden
MariasLife2003 MariasLife2003 Dec 04, 2016
the awkward moment when you and your best friend have the same name
rebelspies rebelspies Jun 03, 2016
ah yes. instead of mingling we all love to spend hours hallucinating
LoveBooksBae3 LoveBooksBae3 Dec 08, 2016
I would have been that one person like are you talking to me and points at my self and looks around!
K_Lupin K_Lupin Apr 23, 2016
I'm not a party person, I'm more of a stay home and play videogames/Paint/Fiddle around with stuff while playing guitar (not all at once
KaityMWinchester KaityMWinchester Jan 20, 2017
Psh if Steve Rogers offered to walk me home, I'd be like "Ok! If you insist!"