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»Avengers prefences and imagines«

»Avengers prefences and imagines«

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Rose By cutiepiefangirl_ Updated Dec 22, 2016

Prefences of your favorite Avenger! 
Also includes
•Loki, Bucky and Pietro 
And also making one shots!

»just changed the title a bit and changed the cover :)

MariasLife2003 MariasLife2003 Dec 04, 2016
the awkward moment when you and your best friend have the same name
--banshee --banshee Jun 03, 2016
ah yes. instead of mingling we all love to spend hours hallucinating
Nash_Hayes_Gilinsky Nash_Hayes_Gilinsky Dec 08, 2016
I would have been that one person like are you talking to me and points at my self and looks around!
K_Lupin K_Lupin Apr 23, 2016
I'm not a party person, I'm more of a stay home and play videogames/Paint/Fiddle around with stuff while playing guitar (not all at once
Psh if Steve Rogers offered to walk me home, I'd be like "Ok! If you insist!"