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Levi x Mutant Reader

Levi x Mutant Reader

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amberwolf89 By amberwolf89 Completed

Aniki means 'big brother' in Japanese
___________Levi's POV_____________
'Dammit!' I think, as I struggle in the titan's grip.
It was the battle of Trost, and I was distracted for only a second, and thanks to that mistake, I am now caught in a titan's grip.
As I continue to struggle, I look around, and saw no one in sight.
'Fuck, just great. I had to get caught in a spot where no one is at.' I think as I continue to try to get free.
But, as I was right in front of the titan's mouth, it suddenly stopped.
My eyes widen a fraction at the next thing it did.
It gently set me back down on the ground, and then did something I never expected a titan to do.
It started to attack the other titans that were in the same area around it.
But, as it ran past me, I saw a woman, probably around her mid twenties, running behind it.
I was about to shout at her, but I clamped my mouth shut at what I saw next.
The woman made a swinging motion with her fist, and the titan did the same motion, but as it did t...

Barako4164 Barako4164 May 25
I pet your hair because I am socially awkward and thought that's what normal humans do. ( ⁼̴̀ .̫ ⁼̴́ )✧
izzywolf22 izzywolf22 Jul 24, 2016
I more of the person to be sarcastic when I'm cornered, but I do have a stuttering problem
FeiFei17 FeiFei17 Oct 06, 2016
There's only one anime that almost look like Levi, his name is Feitan, he's from Hunter x Hunter and I love them both!!! Tehehhee
iamblue141 iamblue141 Dec 18, 2015
aniki is not Japanese for big brother. Onee-chan/san is Japanese for big brother