Steal My Heart ~Damian Wayne

Steal My Heart ~Damian Wayne

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Racce0400 By Racce0400 Updated Oct 01

Damian Wayne. Everyone either wanted to date him or be him. Except for his reputation, no one messes with him, no one speaks to him, with the exception of Colin Wilkes and The Dusk Twins, Charlotte and Daniel and... the New Girl.

Of course Jasmine had heard of Damian Wayne. The question is, who hasn't? Based off of what most people read in tabloids or magazines, he was a rich, billion dollar playboy who traveled around and was the son of Bruce Wayne.

To Jasmine, he just seemed like and arrogant, obnoxious teenaged brat who thought too highly of himself and had a rich Daddy. She's 99.98% right. Her Mother died a long time ago and her Father is a crook, everyone knows what her father has done, that's why she never tells anyone the truth.

Not. Even. Damian. After all, the question on everyone's mind is;
Who Is a Jasmine Quest and How on Earth Did She Manage to Steal Damian's Heart?

That is, if Jasmine Rose Quest is her real name.

HaileyLast HaileyLast Apr 09
I got so excited when she mentioned she wanted to join football because I was on a football team... Unfortunately I was the only girl
I was on a football team. They put me on the boys team cause I was too "violent".
Jazzbird Jazzbird Nov 23
Don't want to be a pain but, Damian never speaks with improper grammar he would only say good night.🙃
Yes !finally some one got the eye color right !I was being sick of people saying he has blue eyes like his father wile he has gren like her mother
Quinn123987 Quinn123987 May 09
I do this exact routine for conditioning everyday....that's not creepy at all