Finding You (Dublin Sisters #1)

Finding You (Dublin Sisters #1)

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A. Mirza By hayatkhan07 Completed

She was tested. Battered. And Bruised.  

He was her saviour.

He was her only hope for survival, happiness and love.

And she was not his...

Ramlah Khan had always taken care of her younger sisters. She was the shoulder for her friends to cry on and her parents hope. She always believed that she could overcome all kinds of problems when having strong faith in Allah. She did not know that she was to be tested in the cruelest way ever - her love, her faith, her trust all will pay the price of being the strength of those around her. 

Fadil Mirza has always been successful whether in school, in his career or even making many friends. He had his whole life planned. He truly believed his childhood female friend will become his life partner in this World and the next, little did he know that his judgement was truly wrong.
 Ramlah and Fadil's lives get entwined when they work towards developing and maintaining their relationships. However, Allah had written a completely different destiny for them.

Content Warning: Some of the content may not be appropriate for young or sensitive people as there is implicit reference to sexual activity and strong language. Although, the book should pass for PG13.

sssilentscreamsss sssilentscreamsss Mar 10, 2016
I love this! I always write about these kind of topics too, just because it happens in real life. Gotta keep it realistic and not write about a fairytale where the characters never sin. Am curious to read further!
amberkat2499 amberkat2499 Nov 09, 2016
Glad you are promoting the positivity and have great, meaningful underlying themes. I love books with powerful message. They are in fact my favorite. 😀😀
urtheonequeen urtheonequeen Sep 23, 2016
Assalamu'alaykum .. nice to know this account, keep sharing: > 👌👍, mmm i wanna ask you something .... what's the 'real beauty ' in your opinion? For example, real beauty is in our heart, not in our face  bcs blablablabla....... can you give me a 'deep' quotes about that? 😊 thankyouu before
mariyakabir mariyakabir Aug 20, 2016
Salam sister, the other chapters aren't showing.The book seems to stop at chapter 7 . Thanks
amberkat2499 amberkat2499 Nov 09, 2016
It's beautifully written @hayatkhan07. I really admire your writing style and the way you presented your story. Good job! 👌🏼👌🏼
alainachunchun alainachunchun Feb 05, 2016
Firstly I will thank @sunshine_jaan for her recommendation I'm very happy to read this book