Twisted Heart: A Crushed Love Novel

Twisted Heart: A Crushed Love Novel

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PleaseDontCry By PleaseDontCry Updated Nov 11, 2010

Four hearts. Four minds. Four souls.
No happy endings. 

Scarlett, Isabella, Alex and Taylor, four people with their fates and hearts tangled. The story starts with Scarlett and Alex moving to Upper East Side Manhattan to join St. Eleanor, private upper class school. 

Scarlett - A girl with a past so dark she is tormented even in her dreams. 

Alex - A poisonous flame tainted by hatred and desire. 

Isabella - A well of hatred and the despair that can only be felt by someone never truly loved. 

Taylor - The only one with a heart so pure, a delicate touch could shatter it. 

lilyofthefield lilyofthefield Feb 03, 2011
I like this :)
                              It seems intense and I like the way you describe all the emotions and how the characters feel
                              Very nice, and it's intriguing
sleeper7 sleeper7 Oct 29, 2010
this is a very intriguing work of literature that you have come up with , not really my style but i like it
PleaseDontCry PleaseDontCry Oct 27, 2010
Thank you everyone for your support xx your comments, votes and fannings are what inspire me to write!! I love you all xxx
stupidity stupidity Oct 27, 2010
pretty good so far AND you know what i like it so much iv voted and became a fan
Rachel24601 Rachel24601 Oct 21, 2010
Man, this story is really intense in its own way.  You did a great job writing it.
PleaseDontCry PleaseDontCry Oct 20, 2010
I know, I had to make some edits because it didn't make sense later on. If you read on, you find out that scarlettes nickname is red.