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Black Girl Bible

Black Girl Bible

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Fight Me Bitch By FeistyPisces2 Updated Feb 12

We refuse to be muted! For all my beautiful brown sistas who need some uplifting or encouragement. We all need love. ♡ And we shall not be judged by the color of our skin or the gender we are. Black women are beautiful and strong!!!

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I love my naturral hair,  nobody can tell me different n if they don't like it, oh well. I ain't livin to please them only myself n god
renemrand renemrand Dec 25, 2016
Girl I do my hair natural every day but not a soul will take bad other it behind my back or in front of my face because the know I will jump them
9jagal 9jagal Sep 15, 2016
I suggest the Guinness made of black campaign for like pics or quotes
ButterflyAngel654 ButterflyAngel654 Aug 29, 2016
Everyone go on YouTube type in Angel_IKYG he talks about Black women find beauty in themselves from white men , they guy is Afro- Latino nd Afro- Caribbean , its a must see
Confused cuz I'm mixed and I feel like I'm out of the conversation
Cultural appropriation is a real thing. For example. Having big boobs, and butts, and lips weren't popular until the Kardashians(Who are not black by the way) did it, when black women are natural robust like that.