Left Alone

Left Alone

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OtakuMishi By MichelleChen915 Completed

Lucy's life is turned upside down ever since the return of Lisanna. Her nakama ignore her...she feels as if she's just a ghost... A replacement... Never a true nakama to her friends. 

     As her peaceful life slowly fades away, things get worse. Hidden organizations try to capture Lucy. Her broken heart won't be healed completely after the hardships she faced, betrayal of her close ones are just one of the many hurdles she has to face.

     When will Lucy be at peace again? Will she ever get her life together again? Can Lucy even stay alive to forgive the people who hurt her?



 Hiro Mashima is the owner of the characters in FT and so all rights for the characters go to him!

The plot of the story comes from my own IMAGINATION and so it my own! 


My spine is tingling😂 this is just the beginning😂😂😂
QwertHatesU QwertHatesU Oct 28
Let's be real here we all know Natsu would never do that to lucy (cause he lovessss her :>>>>>>>>>>)
Sorry I'm dumb, but what does minna mean? Does it mean Guys or something?
This seems likely or something Natsu would say instead of those other fanfics that are like " BECWAS YOUR WEAK AND UGWLYS"
XXxawexXX XXxawexXX Nov 10
Because it was CASUAL dumby. He gave you a choice. He said it nicely. It was a private conversation. It didn't harm your reputation. Like wtf
XXxawexXX XXxawexXX Nov 10
Lol she was tryna help y'all and that's cool there not being mean about it like she's week or something they make it seem already....?