The Jersey Girl

The Jersey Girl

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'Scene doesn’t even acknowledge that Angelica, his girlfriend of two years, is in the room, watching us make out against my fake boyfriend’s kitchen wall.

Wow, my life is screwed up with a capital S.'

Pia Lombardi hates New Jersey. Period.

When she turns 13, she gets accepted into a boarding school - far, far away from her home town. She quickly packs her bags and sets off to California, not glancing back at what she left behind.

Now, at the age of 18, she's fresh out of high school and in seek of a good university. She also has to face the horrid state of New Jersey, where her loud and obnoxious Italian family lives. 

And don't forget her childhood best friend that seems to despise her existence.

She might learn to love the state, or face the reason she left in the first place.

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cloutburst cloutburst Sep 25, 2016
This is so weird cause my best friend Pia calls her grandma "Nana"
cloutburst cloutburst Sep 25, 2016
Pia's my best friends name so this is gonna be a little weird....
DaisyMae19 DaisyMae19 Jun 29, 2016
Her dad though bruh lmfaoo 😂 literally something my dad would say
creepy-as-hell creepy-as-hell Apr 29, 2016
This reminds me of a chef he has a show but i forgot its name he is italian too and he lives in new jersey ahhhh what was his name
UglyyGurl UglyyGurl Jun 21, 2016
My aunt stopped smoking but my uncle smoke he's the only one
cloutburst cloutburst Sep 25, 2016
Gimme gimme gimme, gimme your love, gimme gimme gimme, gimme your love. Macho man. Macho man