It's True...My Life, The Lie

It's True...My Life, The Lie

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Lisa J By MidnightGalxXx Updated Jun 21, 2016

“Why would you do this? How could you betray us? I trusted you! I loved you! You were my sister and you left me! Why? What had I done to you?! RIMA?!”

“You do not understand, brother. Soon you will, I promise.”

Rima’s story continues in this sequel to ‘The Truth Behind the Lies’ as she battles with her inner demon, in a literal sense, as well as coming to terms with life in the Akatsuki. Not yet a full member in the organization, Rima struggles to learn control of her Mother’s legacy with the help of Itachi Uchiha, all the while ensuring to keep it a secret from the other members.

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__-Deidara-__ __-Deidara-__ Mar 30, 2016
Omg pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeee update it is so good!
ImTheDrafter ImTheDrafter Feb 29, 2016
Oh come on this book is awesome! Itachi is now in the game ! I need more of this book!!
UnidragonsUnited UnidragonsUnited Mar 14, 2016
Pweeeease. Pwease I wantanother chapter Author-san. It's been five months since you updated.
0Jelly0Bean0 0Jelly0Bean0 Mar 18, 2016
Yassssssssssssss 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 please update this my favorite book
sarcasticisdaanswer sarcasticisdaanswer Feb 09, 2016
Can u please update within the next year cause dat would bee nice tank u!
kai_wolf_94 kai_wolf_94 Oct 21, 2015
So i blitz through the first book and love every minute and now i gotta wait?
                              Oh well super excited for the rest of the sequel