Alpha Aden (completed)

Alpha Aden (completed)

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Ariel McDonald By ArielMcDonald Updated Jul 30, 2016

"I want you" Aden said as he slowly stalked towards me observing me as if I was his prey. 

I stared at him with wide eyes. He was confident, sexy and exuded power like none other. 

Warmth pooled between my legs involuntarily as his eyes undressed me.

"You are mine" he whispered huskily, his hands trailed up my dress and my breath hitched in my throat  

"Mine and mine alone."


XxCherrieTreexX XxCherrieTreexX Aug 03, 2016
                              Sorry I swear I'm not an actual bitch 😐
fedorasecrets fedorasecrets May 09, 2016
This is SOOOOO something I would do. I once threw my converse at a group of boys laughing at my sister because she spilled her Starbucks so I got extra Starbucks and spilled them on the boys
1anon37 1anon37 Aug 17, 2016
*facepalm* this is why one should not own embarrassing lingerie; or at least don't travel with it for moments like that... Especially in case there is a very hot guy in the vicinity! Lol
BlesseeCoeur BlesseeCoeur Jun 13, 2016
She looks like a black, more model-esque version of Scarlett Johansson
50ShadesofMalums 50ShadesofMalums Jul 21, 2016
This is not Jasmine Tookes. LOL
                              Sorry but this girl is prettier,  And I think Jasmine has a bigger forehead and further hairline not sure tho. No hate
1anon37 1anon37 Aug 17, 2016
I had to Google PG13 🙄 because I thought you meant page 13. Lol