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Mafia Leaders First Love

Mafia Leaders First Love

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FeastofEntice By FeastofEntice Updated Oct 18, 2016

Arabelle Knightly is your ordinary girl, so you think. She goes to school everyday just like us but what's different...... she's dyslexic and she's an orphan. Now you might be saying what's wrong with that but let me tell you what's wrong with that, she gets bullied everyday at school because she's different. People look at her differently and treat her horribly just because she has difficulty reading and she has no parents. Arabelle wants someone to love her for her and not let the fact that she is dyslexic or without parents get in the way. Will she be able to find true love or will her being dyslexia and without parents put her off track completely?

Andrei Lombardi is a mafia king. He is the most feared man. To most he is a cold hearted man without feelings, but is he really?  He is looking for his tesoro to love and to cherish. He is part of a big family with a mum, dad, brother, sister and not to mention the countless amounts of cousins. He has grown up with money lots and lots of money and never had to worry about anything. Will he find he's tesoro or will his mafia life get in the way?

evelynFota evelynFota Feb 02
My mom has dyslexia and she took a special class for it to help with reading.  Hers mostly effects what she says and her math.
EvangellaAkrati EvangellaAkrati Nov 07, 2016
One of my classmate's name was Gurpreet and his best friend's name was Gurdeep.... We were always confused who was who....
                              I guess u r Indian!!!
shortstuff098 shortstuff098 Oct 28, 2016
Being  dyslexic isnt that much of a big thing, whys everyone trying to get attention and sympathy of it, yeah i get its hard but Their is much worse things in life.
xxsweetxxcakexx xxsweetxxcakexx Oct 23, 2016
She's dyslexic like Grayson ❤️ I've got like 3 friends who are dyslexic
BrokenRoses89 BrokenRoses89 Jan 14, 2016
Yup, letters in the wrong order, thats how i see them, its like constantly doing an anagram puzzle every single say, though for sum reason yellow tinted screens help.
jaXmiXe jaXmiXe Dec 24, 2015
I speak French as my second language.....I could help with that...haha..☺️