Melanin Beauty

Melanin Beauty

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Alexis was born into a abusive family home until one day her mother got the courage to leave her abusive boyfriend. They then moved to New York where Alexis life begins. Some years later she meets a boy named Danny who (was or is) a player. Alexis will gain a few things from Danny and she will also lose a few. Maybe her reputation the way she is looked at and maybe even friends and family but most importantly her mental health. 

Alexis's journey will not be easy more over to trial and error. Where she faces Danny's exes and girls he used to talk to and do the unthinkable with. She even faces discrimination from her own step sister. 

Will Danny Santiago be the typical boyfriend that comes and goes or will he be so much more

  • betrayed
  • cheater
  • chocolate
  • darkskin
  • depressed
  • fake
  • friends
  • insecure
  • jealousy
  • lies
  • lightskin
  • love
  • lust
  • secrets
  • shy
  • stepsister
Queenofbooks127 Queenofbooks127 Sep 29, 2017
This is a fact but i learned to accept it and not care what other people think.
SimplyyTrinn44 SimplyyTrinn44 Aug 02, 2017
If my best friend ever handed me an iPhone I wouldn't know what I'll do.
bvbyniaa bvbyniaa Jul 25, 2017
I want a sister so bad🤦🏾‍♀️ all i got is brothers
___a_b_c____ ___a_b_c____ Jun 17, 2018
Why can't she just have kinky hair? Almost all Wattpad books about darkskin girls have their character with non kinky hair.
AnnCrazy_ AnnCrazy_ Nov 26, 2016
Same way I be feeling when I'm around a whole bun of folks I don't know
_Nayaa__ _Nayaa__ May 23, 2016
I mean thats what regular teenage girls do besides the stuck up part either you were makeup and or talk to your boyfriend or best friends all the time.