psychotic // k.t. ➶

psychotic // k.t. ➶

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˗ˏˋ お父さん ˎˊ˗ By lushbabygirl Updated Oct 29, 2016

"everyone has secrets. everyone tells lies. and everyone is fair game. until there's no one left..."

+ in which a girl moves next door to a psychotic handsome neighbour that will kill anyone from having what's "his"

[✨based on a taehyung edit by @hoseuke on vine✨]

MyJamless_SugaKookie MyJamless_SugaKookie Dec 23, 2016
My friend would be the totally oblivious girl and be like *hehe...he's so cute* oh Tae look at that *drags him with her* while I'm there like *bish wth?* -_-
GenesisTellez9 GenesisTellez9 Nov 26, 2016
CRIMINAL MINDS IS SO BAE. I be having marathons, even if i had seen all the episodes already
08Nadia80 08Nadia80 Oct 30, 2016
Ya sure like I'd believe a really handsome Korean boy that just happens to be living next to me
MyJamless_SugaKookie MyJamless_SugaKookie Dec 23, 2016
I suggest seeing a doctor... look for a guy named Seokjin, he's has a feminine and motherly aura if that helps....
Jimin_is_slayin2837 Jimin_is_slayin2837 Aug 09, 2016
Daebak~! This is so good~~! ❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏
BtsPaboTrash BtsPaboTrash Dec 25, 2016
She bought her wallet right? Font twll me its one of those stereotypicall scenes man😂😂