Coming True (Tom Hiddleston FanFiction)

Coming True (Tom Hiddleston FanFiction)

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Hiddlestoned 24/7 By atracyxo Updated Jun 26

Dreams are meant to be dreamt and made to go after. Unfortunately for Audrey Carter, that concept never really stuck. How do you go after something that you lost a long time ago?

Audrey met Tom a while back. Their encounter sparked something between them that she thought would turn into a future.
Although that idea never became reality. Leaving Audrey back at square one.

Fast forward ten years later, Audrey and her son Evan, are now taking on the world together, until an old flame comes back into the picture and stirs up trouble.

Audrey has to battle both her past with Tom, and her present with him too. For her, it's not all that easy.

-This is my 5th Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction written in the POV of Audrey Carter! The story goes back and fourth from their younger days to the present. I promise I'll try my best to make the transitions smooth. To my frequent flyers (long time fans), you know what you're in for. To my new readers... buckle up. ❤️ -Ashley

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zihinsancisi zihinsancisi Jan 17, 2016
Çok hoş çook güzel ama bir de Türkçe olsa dadından yenmeyecek.
                              Sadece severek takip ediyorum ehehe. Çeviri falan çeviremez bunu onu da söyleyem ehehe
ForCenturies ForCenturies Oct 26, 2015
A good song for this chapter is O Children by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds btw
coolcassie coolcassie Oct 20, 2015
Well you've definitely got my interest! Really excited for more of this story :)
lucygotapen lucygotapen Oct 19, 2015
This shall be interesting and filled with feels. Can't wait!
- - Oct 18, 2015
Like what? XD See who has a better social life becuase I think he'd win, hands down x3
wcugrad09 wcugrad09 Oct 18, 2015
So far I am really enjoying this. Can't wait to find out more about Audrey, Evan and Tom.