Slaters Rebellion

Slaters Rebellion

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Patricia Ann Zee By patriciaannzee Updated Jun 18, 2013

The first amendment declares our right to religion, assembly, press, petition, and speech. Rights that we hold self evident. Rights that declare men and women equal. 

But what happens when one man takes all that away from you? When one man literally strips you of your inalienable rights? When the freedom to express yourself and be yourself is replaced with conformity and order by a mad man? When the social hierarchy of high school becomes a caste system and you are stuck at the bottom?


You start a revolution through an underground online newspaper.

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nerdyk3 nerdyk3 Jun 24, 2015
Admittedly, I thought this might be cheesy when I saw the cover and clicked on it just to see what it was, but you pulled me in. Gotta love a good social uprising :P
Jinx_Mage Jinx_Mage Mar 31, 2012
this sounds very interesting, The high school hierarchy especially :)
L1meCre L1meCre Feb 09, 2012
you sure it's "assemply"? did you mean assembly? I hope you'll remove the extra space between the paragraphs, because it's annoying to scroll through a page of nothing on my phone... But I really love your cover <3
_remylopez_ _remylopez_ Aug 30, 2011
oh this is the new story you were telling me about! ha :P just by the description i know i am going to like it:]
patriciaannzee patriciaannzee Aug 29, 2011
@Dhampirewolf123 thanks! i am glad you liked it! if you have any stories that you would like a cover for i would be more than happy to make one! I absolutely love doing things like that:]
patriciaannzee patriciaannzee Aug 29, 2011
@Dhampirewolf123 yes ma'am i did haha i used some pictures off google and photo shopped them:D