With Me Or Without Me / n.j (Editing)

With Me Or Without Me / n.j (Editing)

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winkyu By inszyvisible- Completed

In which Namjoon choose to leave Jin for his career but, then he regrets everything.

"This time I choose to be with you.."



( October 24 2015 - January 4 2016 )

Romaissa_0 Romaissa_0 Jul 09
i'm also under aged don't worry we're all sins here and this is why god left us
kookieinfires1201 kookieinfires1201 3 days ago
When i was 14, I'm not that inoccence too 😂😂.. it's normal i guess.. we tend to feel curiosity over this kind of things 😂😂
This was a 2015 year stories peopleeee so, dont worry lol 😂😂😂 ignore those short message at the bottome lmao.
kookieinfires1201 kookieinfires1201 3 days ago
Thank You for bringing Kidoh here.. i wonder if he didn't move to another company, he would've be Bangtan Member too 😱
kinexten kinexten Aug 11
Didn't realise Kidoh and Jin are best fitness in real life. It's surprised 😳 me a bit. I listen to Toppdogg and BTS and yeah it's just surprising don't know why
Don't mind my age at this time. I wasn't that matured lmao. Stop 😂