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With Me Or Without Me / n.j

With Me Or Without Me / n.j

46.2K Reads 2.5K Votes 44 Part Story
sona By -starboi Completed

Jin was pathetic after being leave by his Boyfriend,Namjoon who already regrets everything.

- a very first suck story from me -


©-asfjinx 2015

LoveAnimals836 LoveAnimals836 Nov 03, 2015
I'm not even 14 yet (I can't say my exact age) but I've read some dirty stuff
                              My parents don't even know I have wattpad
ReikaStones ReikaStones Oct 21, 2015
Why is the innocence of every 14's girl gone? e.e' I think I'm seeing it over there, I'll try to catch it!
                              Good chapter \(*-*)/
                              Kisses, Hyung (Can I sign like this?)
-starboi -starboi Oct 20, 2015
Thanks T.T , ya me also started shipping them! XD dont worry. I'll update as soon as possible :')) . ILY !
-starboi -starboi Oct 20, 2015
No.I didnt said that. I said it will be byuntae's part at second chapter lmfao xD
jiminism- jiminism- Oct 20, 2015
It was good! First time I've seen a kidoh featured in a namjin fanfic! I've recently started shipping 2jin XD Can't wait for the next update!