My Sweet Darling

My Sweet Darling

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This is the sequel to My Queen but could potentially be read alone. There will be references back to the first book but it's not crucial for you to know the entire story. 


She had a beautiful family.

He hated his.

She had friends pouring out her ears.

He hated being with too many people at once.

She had a fabulous house, car, and family and one of the most popular people at her school.

He outgrew school and was happy to be away.

She had a late shift at NASA.

He wanted to release his anger.

She saw him.

He saw her.

They Were Mates.

  • alpha
  • alphaking
  • bully
  • family
  • friends
  • hunter
  • love
  • mate
  • romance
  • sorrow
Hollymonster1024 Hollymonster1024 Nov 29, 2017
Football or football. In American but I didn't know if it's soccer or football.
- - Jul 21, 2017
Guts I read the abused luna and I read this book and I am now re reading it and seeing some major changes
Hollymonster1024 Hollymonster1024 Nov 29, 2017
No one gonna comment about the title. *looks around waiting for someone ylto pipe up* okay see you tomorrow class is over.
DahFvck DahFvck Dec 29, 2017
RUBY!!!!!! I literally was just looking up fanfic of her and just set my screen saver to her.
Moogie_butt Moogie_butt May 02, 2016
But if the mom is thirty and the son is 23? What? She had him when she was 7?
deadassbitchh deadassbitchh Feb 04, 2016
Ugh. I WISH I HAD A FAMILY LIKE THEM! Well I do, but only when all my aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins are with me. Otherwise it's just me, my lil bro, mum and my dad. :(