When we fly || Asanoya

When we fly || Asanoya

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cheshire By wonder_lands Updated Jun 17

Schools boring for little Nishinoya. its the same thing everyday and nothing ever changes. or well, that is until asahi transfers to his homeroom and gives him something to be excited about.

this is will just be some cute asanoya highschool au fluff because they are adorable buuut also some angst because who doesn't love angst?

//credit to the artist who did the art for the cover//

Das what u goin' be doin' with Asahi, so try to wait for a bit and u won't find it gross anymore
my friend and i saw a couple making out when we were walking to science class the other day and i burst out laughing
yoooitsyama yoooitsyama Jul 08
He has the concentrated fire burning inside of him because of his size
If Noya went to my school I'd miss him for sure. Shoot, I'd probably WANT to go to school.
*starts music* it's the start of something new it- 
                                      Ok I'm done
ioncereadastory ioncereadastory Dec 31, 2015
Ummm...*runs shoe into dirt* *looks away* *looks down* *looks up* *really fast says* was it suppose to be "a curse and a blessing"? Not a "cure and a blessing"? *runs away*