No Love Needed [BOYxBOY]

No Love Needed [BOYxBOY]

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Anthony McQueen By Imbrication Updated Aug 12, 2016

Dmitri Daniels is a 22-year old male dancer who is a total player. Growing up he never received love so he doesn't believe in it. His dad left when he was only 2, his mother disowned him when she found out he was gay, and any relationship he attempted to have just ended in flames. So Dmitri swears off relationships and just casually sleeps with any guy he can. Not to mention his drinking habits to cope with the fact of not being loved comes into play. But everything seems to change when he meets 24-year old Andre Smith while dancing at one of the clubs around the city.

Andre comes from a wealthy family and has had it easy all his life. The only thing he seems to fail at is finding someone who is right for him. Andre constantly deals with people who only want to use him for his money despite his sweet and kind-hearted demeanor. After a recent break-up with his boyfriend, Andre finds himself at a gay club, drinking his sorrows away and watching men with amazing bodies dance. But things lead to another and he finds himself going home with one of the dancers by the name of Dmitri.

Now Dmitri feels something he's never felt before and becomes scared. Andre wants to try and show Dmitri what love really is. Will Dmitri's eyes be opened to romance, or will Andre just be another "hit-and-run" in his books?

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woodie08 woodie08 Aug 02, 2016
Looks like I got a new read. Luv that you are casting this one.
Amahle Amahle Jan 05, 2015
Amen hallelujah an urban boyxboy. Story dt is well written without the ghetto lang amen
New_Prodigy New_Prodigy Nov 08, 2014
@Imbrication Thanks! Also great choices for lead characters both are so sexy it should be illegal...
New_Prodigy New_Prodigy Nov 08, 2014
Love it so far... Gotta say the cast is on fleek! ArQuez & Jacob K. I thought I was one of the few people that knew who they were. Keep up the good work. BTW have u checked out my stories.
Shoesxoxoxo Shoesxoxoxo May 18, 2013
I love it already! It's funny and I like the plot. It's very interesting! :-D Update soon!!
Dead serious! But don't be jealous, we never even talked. Lol. @Imbrication