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His Hijabi Anchor

His Hijabi Anchor

13.8K Reads 644 Votes 8 Part Story
Fia By Monarch0fPizzaland Updated Aug 22, 2016

Paras Abbas.
  A walking contradiction. 
  A person harbouring the heart of a child but the brains of a grown-up.
  A girl with a will to listen to and help anyone she can with her words and action.
  (A girl addicted to chocolate, tea and books. A healthy addiction, of course.)
  And a teenager with a knack of getting involved.
  Ethan Hayworth.
  A breathing complication.
  A boy who just wants one stable point to tether his life to. 
  A man hiding his wounds under the façade of a curt, blunt, and impudent brat.
  (A boy with anger, and trust issues. Nothing major, of course.)
  And a teenager with  a knack of getting into trouble.
  When Paras moves to US to live with her father, joins a new high school and gets picked as the member of the school's support society( while raising her hand to fix her hijab pin), she's in deep with more on her plate than she ever bargained for. 
  Throw Ethan in the mix and you get a beautiful disaster.
  An appealing, alluring, and winsome adversity.
  Chaos and serenity.
  Darkness and light.
  Earth and Sky.
  Storm and Silence.
  It is, indeed, beautiful. 
  As.... after all, she's his hijabi anchor.
  Spiritual: #108 (13|09|2016)

R3Hijabi R3Hijabi Jan 03
Great book! It's unique and really good! Can't wait for more!
aishalovespoetry aishalovespoetry Jul 14, 2016
I am hooked right away ,the style is amazing and effortless with nice descriptions
wadiawrites wadiawrites Aug 08, 2016
actually you know what, im not gonna be one of those annoying readers that like are always pestering authors. Because this book is written not only for our happiness, but yours too. So do what makes you happy Fia, but if it makes a difference i would love it if you didn't give up on this story :)
Salaam! Please do continue! You are an amazing writer! And pffft.. You say English isn't your first language but MASHALLAH your English is beautiful! I can't wait to see what happens later on in the book!
wadiawrites wadiawrites Aug 08, 2016
my first thought when i came across this book was "damnn, it only has like 5 parts :(" so dont ruin for me even further by stopping it
moji123hamzat moji123hamzat Oct 23, 2016
Nice story line. Very reveting so far. Carry on, u can do it....💪