The Walking Dead Imagines [[Completed]]

The Walking Dead Imagines [[Completed]]

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☻ By omgreedus Completed

-Earlier Works-

With time, you two had to pull away. He looked at you with love and adoration, his body still shuffling due to the nerves. "Well?" He asked, awaiting an answer. You then shut your eyes, avoiding his. "I-I can't," you said, opening your eyes to meet his off pure despair. His smile from the kiss disappeared, only turning to complete sadness. 

These one shots are done with the help off these two amazing writers; @pouko & @rickgrimy

-Enjoy, omgreedus

Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming swimming swimming WHAT DO YOU DO?! Keep swimMIIING!!
                              *cough cough* sorry...carry on
Where can I order one??????? Haha I wish I could find someone as sweet as carl
cheypirate5 cheypirate5 Apr 15
                              I need and want a Daryl Dixon and a Norman reedus
Five walkers? Even my sister (The biggest girly girl and the biggest wimp, I hate her. She's a bully) can take care of them.
DixonChick DixonChick Oct 27
That awkward moment when she actually goes falling off the edge cause they are on the edge of a roof
Carl... -Sigh- you're not a good listener -sigh- you can't even stay in the house when you were told.