The Lost Heir

The Lost Heir

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May By Lovegood Updated Aug 27, 2011

Everyone has a destiny. A destiny to rule, to lead, to save. A destiny to help others or to go against others. A destiny to be powerful, to be good or evil. A destiny to change the world.

Everyone has a destiny. 

16 year old Grace Cassidy is fed up with living in Blueridge Children's Home, fed up with the staff, the rooms and most of all the other children. No one understands her there. But until she's 18, she's stuck. 

But when she finds a mysterious book hidden in the house, her life takes a whole new meaning as each page is read. She finds herself in a world of magic and adventure, in a world of good and evil. A world which is slowly becoming more and more real...

They are coming.

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nightsa nightsa Dec 25, 2015
I saw the cover, and when i read the description i got excited.
                              Only to realize there are only two parts.   I feel sad you got my hopes up.
Lovegood Lovegood Sep 29, 2011
@krazy_kd Whaaat? O.o Ahha yes :') PM. I will, eventually. This weekend, if i'm not still ill >.< Goodbye 'K.D.' 
krazy_kd krazy_kd Sep 29, 2011
@Lovegood ha! marmite my ass ;D mwhaha and indeed we do! WOOP, I'll make the thingy majigy... PM or Chat? And DO keep writing you turd! Pfft. Goodbye "May" ;D
Lovegood Lovegood Sep 29, 2011
@krazy_kd Aaaw thank you m'little marmite or 'K.D.' ;D We need to plan our one tonight! :O YES I KNOW I DO BUT I CAN'T HELP IT. Okaaay, i'll keep 'wrinting' ;) 
krazy_kd krazy_kd Sep 28, 2011
You say this is shite? ;D 'May' m'lovely, you are dead wrong... Don't get discourages you goon ;) it's bloody awesome okay? YOU UNDER ESTIMATE YOURSELF TOO MUCH! Tsk, tsk... Keep. Wrinting! 
                              Much love,