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Tricks and Lies

Tricks and Lies

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· chu · By MissChuLucitor Updated Feb 26

❀ ft. Tomco ✿ 

Tom, a demon prince 
never thought he'd have to go to college
-or school in general-
until his father sends a letter saying he must do so. Not daring to refuse the Demon King of the Underworld's order, he has no choice but to go with the idea. Using an old spell that has been in the family for generations, he's known as Tim Hades.

He thought college would pass by with a breeze and soon he'd find himself as the new Demon King... But he finds thats not the case. Tom runs into his ex-girlfriend and her familiar partner, and realizes it's not going to be as easy as he thought it would be.

Before he knows it, Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz become the most important people in his life, but there's one problem: 
They are friends with Tim Hades.
Not Tom the Demon.

So with the secret being A problem, another one comes up.
Three particular people on campus threaten hurting him and the people around him, but he can't seem to catch who.

Who will he put first?


Werayoutube Werayoutube Mar 09
Black is the best B))
                              Not a long time ago one of my friends asked me if I had been an emo or sth like that xD
2D_trash 2D_trash Jun 11
AHHHH I've been sitting on the floor for so long my back's numb
Is he tall, intimidating, black hair and piercing eyes, capable of killing a bitch on command? Is his real name..... Sebastian???
kawaiikayxd kawaiikayxd Nov 19, 2016
Im rereading this and i just realized from Black Butler
Zerokiryuu453 Zerokiryuu453 Aug 26, 2016
HAHA I forgot his bunny was name marshmallow and I read give me a marshmallow!!
HunterEater HunterEater Jan 02, 2016
Tom : yes I will never forgive you father , you send me to a place worst than the underworld ... school !!