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Forever Yours, Alaina | ✓

Forever Yours, Alaina | ✓

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✕ A L E I S H A ✕ By incalescence_ Completed

❝there are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights❞ - Stroker
             Kade Williams, the darkness.
                   To many, he was a nuisance, a troublemaker and quite frankly, an asshole.
                   He's the barrel of a gun, the specks of dust left forgotten on the edge of a window sill; 
                   He's the broken shards of glass, untouched and ignored, on the side of the road.
                   He's the one with bipolar; the one with a genius IQ and yet has no answer to the problem that is himself.
             Alaina Ramayan, the light. 
                   To many, she was an ethereal presence, an example of both intellectual brilliance and class.
                   She's the delicate folds of a dress, the soft touch of silk as it's draped against your skin;
                   She's the nostalgic scent of your favourite perfume, bringing you back to either a dream, thought or memory from your past. 
                   She's the one with a silver spoon; the one who has the world at her feet.
              But nothing ever mattered because they loved each other, despite the odds; they loved each other, despite her being with somebody else; they loved each other, despite their clashing worlds; they loved each other, despite all the whispers of pain. They loved each other, simply because it was right. 
              And that was all that mattered. 
            // An 'Ethereal' Rewrite // 
            Copyright © 2016 by Aleisha Lynn


*faint* he can look good in anything and anytime *sigh*even though he has  that chopsticks in his nose but I hope he will not use those
And my mom's response to my insanity is getting me a luxurious room booked in mental institution😲😥
ish001 ish001 Jun 27, 2016
also, im loving the way you write and your vivid use of vocabulary
makiagirl makiagirl May 15, 2016
Your book seems very good and interesting great job❤️🍵💯🙏🏽
sydneyann48 sydneyann48 Mar 03
*sniffing in the air* smells likes a great book*make a dash toward read button and add this book into reading list* now let me grab me my blanket and activated nerdy glasses *rub hands furiously and roll my sleeves* now I am good to go😎😂