+ Positively Negative - | Tom & Jerry

+ Positively Negative - | Tom & Jerry

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Namaste. By YellowCottonHat Updated Sep 03, 2010

Includes Gay actions.. Please don't read if you don't agree.. Thank you!

Jerry –

Jerry is irrevocably in love with Erin Harwood and has been for two years. He knows he has to tell her –and soon- but every time he’s about to, he chickens out. When Erin signs up for a Year Ten drama club project he signs up too. There he meets Tom Cole who suddenly seems very interested in Erin... Does Jerry have competition? 

Tom + -

When Tom first notices Jerry in a class of year ten students, he’s gone. The guy is gorgeous! Short, cute, dimples! And it’s a match made in television as his best friend Jenny lets him know –Tom and Jerry, get it?- But even though Tom is a bisexual, he’s only ever liked one other guy who was, like Jerry, straight, and things didn’t really go so well. This time though, Tom is determined to win Jerry’s heart. Could he have competition for first place?

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YellowCottonHat YellowCottonHat Jul 13, 2014
@CreativeCooki ahaa, I've aleayd thought so too!! and decided to take it up myself xD these two have their story in society says instead now (: x
CreativeCooki CreativeCooki Jul 13, 2014
I literally thought that someone should write a story with the names Tom and Jerry, so clearly you're just awesome now! I want more updates. That would make me so happy and push that vote button even more :)
YellowCottonHat YellowCottonHat Aug 30, 2011
@LilMissVampp Haha really? I find dimples adorable! I wish I had them :'U
                              Lol yeah they are the same people ^-^  lol thanks :'3
kaykattt kaykattt Aug 30, 2011
I've never really been a fan of dimples but whatever floats your boat Tom XD P.S. I love how some of your stories are tied together! Unless Tom here and Tom from Freddies story are two different people... That would be confusing so they're the same to me xP