The Temptation Series

The Temptation Series

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HIndia150 By HIndia150 Updated Mar 02, 2015

(Mature Content)
His Sensual Temptation (Rachel's story- COMPLETE):

Rachel Whitaker is on a mission to show the world she is more than just a rich, beautiful, powerful heiress. In her quest to finally take over her father's hotel business, she opts to start at the very basic level as a waitress in a small café, going as far as assuming a false identity.

Enter Chris Evans, a ruthless billionaire and a walking sensuous temptation. Romance sizzles as the dangerous, heart pounding hero falls for the seemingly unknown little waitress? 

Will the truth destroy their intense passion and above all…


Wild Temptation (Anna's story- SOON):

Anna Bell has always believed she can do more, a lot more. When she decides to open her own fashion boutique, everyone thinks it to be the rich heiress’s yet another fantasy. Only she understands the value of her dream and the dire need to prove her worth. But therein lies the predicament, where would she get the money for her start up?...She doesn't want anyone’s favor or charity…

Robert Han, a ruthless tycoon, her childhood friend; tall, sexy, ruggedly handsome, he moves with a swagger that makes her heart roll in her chest. He has always secretly loved her and leaves no opportunity to flirt with her. Which is bad. In a very, very good way. But getting Anna to trust him isn't going to be easy as she considers him a cold-hearted jerk. Yet he persuades her to, as he puts it- to ‘invest’ his money in her venture. 

The heat between them is irresistible, inevitable. Anna has heard that passion grows wilder in the arms of a lover. Now, is she finally ready to find out…and give in to the wild temptation?

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cheoncheonhi cheoncheonhi Sep 28, 2013
I was very hesitated  to read this story because it is rated, but really really enjoyed the plot and how you draw the characters and their personalities :D
                              Loved it ;)
HIndia150 HIndia150 Jun 24, 2013
@AmbitiousStorm Wow. Thank you for the amazing comment. *smiles*
AmbitiousStorm AmbitiousStorm Jun 05, 2013
Merh, why aren't you published?;(
                              This is a great opener, really captivating! Look forward to more:3
HIndia150 HIndia150 Jun 03, 2013
@azweiris Haha, bestie. You know I absolutely love Arthion. Gosh! Just update soon. I am waiting here very impatiently, mind you. 
                              *Hugs* Love you, bestie.
khaoskidd khaoskidd May 30, 2013
amazing <3 loving this story, are they actually going to make love in the future but leave out the details or are you going to make a r rated chapter
HIndia150 HIndia150 May 01, 2013
@azweiris Awww. Bestie. I love all of them. You know you're fab. 
                              Hehe. Yep. *Nods head* After all, we have to get you out of that blushing closet.