The Remembered ✯ Enzo St. John {2}

The Remembered ✯ Enzo St. John {2}

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Ashley By ashleylon Updated Jan 04

{Book 2}

  Damon Salvatore killed the only boy Cassidy Gilbert has ever loved, and her sister is in a coma-state until one of her closest friends dies. Cassidy's life isn't exactly picture perfect at the moment.

  Cassidy must power through life without her first-love and sister by makes new friends, enemies, and sparking new romances. But is that really enough? Or is all of this just leading up to a much greater evil?

{The Vampire Diaries • Season 7}

{Lorenzo St. John}

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httpgilbert httpgilbert Oct 02, 2016
Is Kai gonna be dead for realzies? PLEASE tell me he comes back ❤❤