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The Forgotten ✯ Kai Parker {1}

The Forgotten ✯ Kai Parker {1}

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Ashley By ashleylon Completed

{Book 1}

  Cassidy and Damon were just a second too late to return from the other side, meaning that they were doomed to die with Bonnie.

 After the other side collapsed, the trio was placed into a 1994 prison world, where they continue to re-live the same day until they find a way out.

 A witch with no magic, a tribrid, and a vampire are stuck in a 1994 prison world. That sounds like the start of a terrible joke, wouldn't you agree?

{The Vampire Diaries • Season 6}

{Kai Parker}

-© ashleylon 2016

peachysalvatore peachysalvatore 6 days ago
okay so she's probably adopted as well as elena. i would say she was probably born with werewolf traits on one side, witch traits on another. when klaus, a hybrid, fed her his blood and killed her, her death triggered her own werewolf curse, thus leaving the three to coexist.
Babes2208 Babes2208 7 days ago
This probs sounds so dumb rn but I thought it said tripod and I was like 'tf she woke up as a tripod' 😂
If she's Elena's sister then how she's a witch and werewolf Elena's parents adopted Parents not witches or werewolves
tvd_wolf tvd_wolf Mar 28
Wait, if she hasn't killed anyone doesn't that mean her curse hasn't been triggered ?? Or is she an exception that is part werewolf without the curse ??
aydrian_janae aydrian_janae Dec 06, 2016
ι can нear нιм ѕayιng rιppaн and ι мelтed ιnѕιde
SamBookLove SamBookLove Mar 07
Oh damn. I went here to get onto other feelings that are not Klaus. I don't really have fanfics to read of him anymore... He's just too sexy