Rhythm of the Rain(Petekey/Frerard/Ryden)

Rhythm of the Rain(Petekey/Frerard/Ryden)

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Pete likes rain. He also likes Mikey Way. Mikey knows it too. He also like Pete. But one mistaken night leads to hardships between the two, leaving Mikey with a question he might not be able to answer, and Pete with a terrible dilemma. 

Gerard loves working with kids, Frank is fucking tired. The two meet at the hospital where Gerard works and Frank is admitted. Will Gerard's methods work on older kids too? Or maybe Frank just falls for people too easily...? But that's what got him in the hospital the first time, and he is determined not to let that happen again. 

Ryan likes dinosaurs. Purple ones especially. He was diagnosed with Lukemia when he was three, almost four, aka six months earlier, but he's still not quite sure what that means. But he knows the nice grandma, Ms. Urie, has the same thing he has. He also knows she has a grandson his age who comes to visit sometimes. One thing he knows about Ms. Urie's grandson is he makes Ryan smiley too :)

Cover made by: @boydivision-

Um... yeah, Petekey, Frerard, and kid!Ryden whoooo! 

--WARNING: mentions of depression, suicide and rape--

October 2015- March 2016

Once this kid used to always yell "gay" at me whenever he saw me so I'd yell "straight" back
                              THATS NOT POSSIBLE GEE
Everyone's talking about how much Mikey is taller than them and he's only like 2 inches taller than me
Mama Way let them please I will literally give you my soul to let them
I love this already and I'm only at the first chapter. 
                              Guess who's not sleeping tonight
i like how everyone's blaming g but ms way was prolly like "if ur gon b alone in room 2gether no babymakin" and g was just sitting at the table doing his homework so he heard