The Badboy Stole My Diary

The Badboy Stole My Diary

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-A By TypedByAPhone Updated Jul 18, 2016

"Me and you Astrid, let's make a deal." 

He takes my silence as a gesture to continue "So here's the problem beautiful, I need a little favour that I can't get from anyone else. You see your a virgin.. Not a slut, you don't drink or smoke... Your innocence practically oozes off of you. my parents would be proud if I was ever to be dating someone like" he gives me a  once over and frowns "you." 

"Where are you going with this Kings?" 

"Date me" he bluntly states, resting an arm on the wall as he leans towards it. 

 Is he serious? 

"I'm serious" he confirms as if he read my mind  "be my fake girlfriend. I need this. I need you." 

I snort unattractively "and what will I get out of this?" 

"Your precious little diary back" 


| Cover by: AnnaGryFalcon|

BlackWolf1307 BlackWolf1307 Mar 14, 2016
Just read a book called forced to have a baby and he was one of the main characters Blake
dreamslovehopes dreamslovehopes Mar 06, 2016
Omg you totes get my vote I love it. Can you please update soon.
Nikita4425 Nikita4425 May 09, 2016
madisondemotta madisondemotta Feb 15, 2016
This title reminds me of the wattpad book The Badboy Stole my Bra
IFellForGiants IFellForGiants Feb 22, 2016
this book is amazing, your such a good writer!!! Please update as soon as possible!!!!<3<3<3
FuzzyWizard2 FuzzyWizard2 Dec 28, 2016
Not judging but yr book seems to have copied "My Fake Boyfriend" and a bit of "Troublemaker" the stories r very similar