Chained: A LawLight Fanfiction ❤

Chained: A LawLight Fanfiction ❤

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Cupcake By evilcupcake1029 Updated Nov 17

I panicked, snapping myself out of my thoughts. 'I'm NOT gay!' I thought, putting my face in my hands. 

"Are you alright?" Ryuzaki asked, turning to face me. I immediately felt my face heat up. "Y-Yeah, I'm fine." I replied, surprising myself with my own shaking voice. 

'Snap out of it, Light!' 


Little did Light know, he wouldn't snap out of it. And no matter how much he told himself he needed L's death, he just wasn't able to completely convince himself...

Olivsam13 Olivsam13 Nov 21
They're as straight as spaghetti. It gets soft and curly once you add hot water ;)
2 yous? Well, these 'non-existant' feelings are strong. Dam!
AlexAceRose AlexAceRose Jun 30
I mean seriously? You can't live a full life of denial Light... You are CLEARLY gay *cough*-IMAGAY-*cough* Living a lie is not fun...;)
Ryuzaki the Pervert ouo all dem stalker Cameras up in yo house light
Says the one with the last name Imagay yeah definitely not Gay so straight man
and so, light took a shower while L sat on the floor outside the shower, drinking coffe