Gas Mask ※ A Peterick AU

Gas Mask ※ A Peterick AU

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Rina is N° 1 By BellamysBottom Updated Oct 26, 2016

It's Halloween night and Patrick Stump is at some costume party that his friends dragged him to. 

After an hour of being pushed around in a crowd of drunk and sweaty teens in slutty costumes Patrick decides to go somewhere quiet.

The next thing Patrick knows is that he's waking up in the basement of a cabin, which he soon learns is in the middle of the isolated woods on the edge of town. 


WARNING: there are mentions of self harm, drugs, murder, torture, prostitution, and multiple other things. If you can't handle those I suggest not reading the story. 

But if you do, then beware ;)

I guess we found where the party wentz, heh, get it? No..? Okay..
this was legit last updated on my mom's birthday. guess this is a sign to read on : )