kitten ☹ muke [COMPLETED]

kitten ☹ muke [COMPLETED]

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where ashton tells luke to watch his kitten.

(started 10/31/15 & ended 1/6/16)

( girly!michael nerdy!luke )
( lower case intended  )

2015 © grungymuke

All of them. Death Valley, Phoenix, alone together, miss missing you, just one yesterday, where did the party go, young volcanoes, American sweetheart, w.a.m.s.,
                              (coffee for closers), anddddddd obviously sugar we're goin down and this ain't a scene it's an arms race
Same Mickey same (not a fan of there newer stuff no homo but it's there band they can do whatever they want)
Green eyes are the most beautiful things in the entire universe
my mam sent me to the shop like 4 hours ago to get food. she told me to look for popcorn. I only remembered now and its like half ten at night and the shop is closed :(
I remember the time where Ashton once said "ITS A CHOCOLATE MILK PARTY ITS A CHOCOLATE MILK PARTY
lexilaylay lexilaylay Jul 18
Way late but I was sally from creepypasta, this year imma be WENSDAY adams