The Badboy Saw Me Naked.

The Badboy Saw Me Naked.

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Amelia Dowson, normally known as Mia by her friends, which from the looks of it, she doesn't have, is Greenwood's straight A goody-too-shoes... Or is she really?

Adam Ford, The school's uptight badboy who hardly gets a pass in his report card,  lives just next door to Mia.

He comes home to find Mia out of the shower, all wrapped up in her little towel, trying to comb out the huge tangle on her hair when... her towel falls of...

  • adam
  • drama
  • kissing
  • mia
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This reminds me of mean girls.. I guess i'm the only one who noticed.
Duh_Itz_Kya Duh_Itz_Kya Jun 25, 2017
OOOHHHHH!!!! Thank you so much for noticing that my áss IS actually fat.
Im a nerd and I love reading but I have a VERY dirty mind and love many anime
FfionJones1234 FfionJones1234 Jul 11, 2017
I'm deffinetaly not a nerd but I absolutely adore books. Ecspecialy when they're brand new. Idk, it's something about the small of a new book, the excitement in loosing myself in a story for hours and hours until my dad tells me to turn my light off
This is why im happy highschool uses our tablets as textbooks
juststfualready- juststfualready- Dec 30, 2017
Already into him Bc his name is Adam and Adam is a really hot name