I'm Falling In Love With My Pet HELP!!!

I'm Falling In Love With My Pet HELP!!!

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"You would think being fired, and constantly being sexualy harassed would be the some of the bad things in life. But who would have guessed that finding an abandoned injured dog in a box would have done an 180 on my life!!!"

Lauren finds an injured dog abandoned in a cardboard box, deciding to take home the dog home and treating the animal. Harmless enough right? Little does she know this isn't just any normal dog. In fact it's a wolf! And not just that this wolf is actually a werewolf who happens to be a ruthless well known criminal in her small town!!!

Will she regrets saving him? Or will she let herself fall for him?

(Currenlty being edited for misspells and mistakes, but please don't let that stop you from reading)

Reylo_Shipper_103 Reylo_Shipper_103 3 days ago
I bet she gonna freak about him being a werewolf more than such "casual" events that has transpired before
Reylo_Shipper_103 Reylo_Shipper_103 3 days ago
Wow it's like a mom telling her son to come back after play time is over
Reylo_Shipper_103 Reylo_Shipper_103 3 days ago
Lol I imagine the wolf with a tv control on his paw flipping the channels and eating chips
Raarrr here was me thinking he was all innocent😂😂 thats long gone
camm3y camm3y Oct 26
She's talking to the wolf I would be freakin out first it's a wild wolf and it can understand what I am saying TF
KrumpCake KrumpCake Oct 05
Just talking to him like a human
                              Nothing out of the ordinary here